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Aromatherapy Essential Oil Products


What Are Essential Oils

Essential oils are not the same as oils with fragrances. 

Scented and fragrance oils are synthetically  man-made.   Essential oils are pure fragrance essence from plants and herbs. 

Oils with fragrances have no medicinal properties, while essential oils possess therapeutic properties that benefit in many ways:

  • Immune system support
  • Reduce pain and inflammation
  • Heal our skin
  • And essential oils smell WONDERFUL

Transform yourself into the



Aromatherapy Has A Positive Impact On the Central Nervous System:

Essential oils in aromatherapy have been known to be relaxing, sedating or stimulating. The use of aromatherapy can restore a sense of emotional well-being.  Using all-natural products, such as raw unrefined butters, and pure essential oils reduces the amount of chemicals absorbed into the body and blood stream; thereby reducing the taxing effect of chemicals on the immune systems.

  •  Relieving Depression
  •  Relieving Anxiety
  •  Reducing Stress

Our Products


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Lip Balms

Our lips balms are made from unrefined beeswax, shea-butter and essential oils

Body Butters

Our LUXURIOUSLY  moisturizing body butters are made from raw, unrefined shea butter 

and pure essential oils.  Our butters promise to minister to your skin

Foaming Soaps

Our foaming soaps are made from castile soap,  avocado oil and essential oils, leaving your hands clean and refreshed